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Lights Here is a selection of videos produced by Johnson Imagineering over the years.  Some were done recently, others a few years ago. These demonstrate Imagineering in Camera techniques, Sound-Design, Editing, Compositing or VFX Application, or a combination of these Cinematic Arts. We specialize in Editing and Post-Production.

Some of these videos were done just for fun. Others were made to document a local historical event. One is a segment from an orientation video we produced for the U.S. Department of State Embassy while working in Kuwait. Below these videos are links to some of my other works.

The creative power of image compositing (all from free stuff on the Internet).

The Battle reenectment at Guyandotte Civil War Days - multiple cameras

Marching the Prisoners out of town - Guyandotte Civil War Days

Visit to Doll House at Heritage Village

Shopping In Kuwait - (Narrated)

Evening River Boat Cruise

Compositing live action with puppetry and stop-action animation

An older SD video of macro photography and effects

See more American Civil War-themed videos

See Odds & Ends and Funny Stuff videos

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Johnson Imagineering is the Media Branch of the
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