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Lights Here is a selection of other videos produced by Johnson Imagineering over the years.  Some were done recently, others a few years ago. These demonstrate Imagineering in Camera techniques, Sound-Design, Editing, Compositing or VFX Application, or a combination of these Cinematic Arts. We specialize in Editing.

Some of these videos were done just for fun. Others were made to document a local historical event. One is a segment from an orientation video we produced for the U.S. Department of State Embassy while working in Kuwait.

A little fun done with just a Smartphone camera

The Battle reenectment at Guyandotte Civil War Days - multiple cameras

Marching the Prisoners out of town - Guyandotte Civil War Days

Visit to Doll House at Heritage Village

Shopping In Kuwait - (Narrated)

Evening River Boat Cruise

Compositing live action with puppetry and stop-action animation

Small things and a little video magic - restoration of an SD video we made about ten years ago

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Johnson Imagineering is the Media Branch of the
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