Johnson Imagineering
Digital Film Editing Examples

"Evening Cruise on the Belle of Cincinnati"

This was a spur-of-the-moment video I filmed with a simple iPhone camera while on an evening dinner riverboat cruise on the Ohio River.

Runs 03:12


"Space Romp"

Here is an example of cutting video to music. The animation is public domain and so is the stock video of the night-time space shuttle launch. In addition to the royalty-free music track, we added Foley (audio effects) to enhance the viewing experience.

Runs 03:19


"Dance of the Dolls"

This video was an early experiment in compositing, combining stop-motion animation, puppetry and live-action to create a fantasy film setting. My wife and I shot this in the livingroom of our home using a portable greenscreen backdrop and VFX (video special effects).

Runs 04:19


"Legacy of the E. K. Railroad"

This is another example of cutting video to music, but the challenge was to make a video about the history of an Eastern Kentucky "ghost" railroad that ceased operations long before movies were invented. We used old photos about the railroad, added some stock train footage to simulate train operations, and modern photos of remaining artifacts to present the history.

Runs 03:28


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